A space for analysis, debate and reflection that aims to study current issues and the challenges facing society, as well as to spread knowledge of the social sciences.

What we do

”la Caixa” The Social Observatory of "la Caixa" Foundation is a space for analysis, debate and reflection that generates scientifically-based knowledge on social issues through its own studies and competitive calls.

With the aim of enriching public debate and stimulating critical thought, the Social Observatory communicates the knowledge generated through publications, interviews and cycles of activities held at the CaixaForum centres.

Social research calls

The Social Observatory supports research in social sciences through three types of competitive call: the Social Research Call, Flash Calls and the Connect Call.

  • Social Research Call

    The annual Social Research Call for Spain and Portugal promotes high-quality knowledge in order to understand and identify the challenges facing our society through studies based on quantitative data. The call is open to social research projects of any kind and provides financial support of up to €115,000, with a maximum duration of 24 months.


  • Flash Calls

    The Flash Calls for Spain and Portugal support quantitative research projects based on surveys. These calls focus on promoting research projects related to current social issues that also aim to provide rapid results which are then passed on to society. The topics supported vary in each call and the maximum financial support for each project is €35,000.


  • Connect Call

    The annual Connect Call is aimed at research carried out by mixed teams. The aim is to promote collaboration between academia, the third sector and public administration in order to collect data that will help address social challenges.

    This call offers up €90,000 in funding for projects that last maximum 24 months.


Consult all the information related to the social research calls on the Social Observatory website.


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Telework after the Pandemic

Does men’s involvement in household chores increase when they work from home? This study reveals that it does, however only 30 % of men working from home participate more than their partners in the household chores.

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The Social Value of Culture

In this ”la Caixa” Foundation Social Observatory Café, Antonio Monegal, professor and writer, encourages us to think of culture not just as a collection of knowledge that connects us with our roots and values, but also as the driving force behind our critical thinking.

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What do young people need in order to feel well?

Young people identify, as key factors, mental health, the economic situation, and social relationships. They are asking of society better social values, more employment, and a stable economy.

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Young people with specific educational support needs suffer double the amount of cyberharassment

Students with specific educational support needs (NEAE) are especially vulnerable to suffering cyberharassment. Specifically, young people run twice the risk of being cyberharassed if they present with any kind of NEAE.

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What are working and living conditions like for artists and cultural workers?

Is it possible to earn a living from art? According to this study, over half of professionals perceive difficulties in terms of living off their work, with 60 % stating that they earn below €1,500. The most vulnerable group are young artists.

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Research and Innovation in Spain and Portugal

What are the factors that define a country’s research and innovation system? The eleventh Dossier from the Social Observatory of the ”la Caixa” Foundation analyses the case of Spain and Portugal in international comparison.

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