Helping those who need it the most.

For more than a decade, the CaixaProinfancia programme has been working in collaboration with public authorities, educational facilities, health centres and over 400 social organisations to break the cycle of inequalities passed down from generation to generation.

Through educational intervention and based on a model of comprehensive social action, we ensure the most vulnerable children and their families have access to:

  • Remedial classes

  • Open centres

  • Summer camps and activities

  • Educational workshops for families

CaixaProinfancia’s comprehensive model also includes health-related services such as:

  • Direct aid for children’s meals and hygiene

  • Glasses and hearing aids

  • Psychological support

  • Speech therapy and psychomotor skills

Thanks to the coordination and networking of all the people and organisations involved, we manage to increase the engagement of families in the school environment and improve the academic performance of children and young adults. We also help to significantly reduce the school drop-out rate and increase the number of children who continue their education beyond the mandatory age. The programme operates in 129 municipalities in Spain and Portugal.

children attended in 2021

social organisations

municipalities in Spain and Portugal