We create opportunities to reduce poverty and help to combat inequality in countries with a lower development rate in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

What we do

Through this call we create opportunities to reduce poverty and contribute to the fight against inequalities in the countries with the lowest development index in Africa, Asia and Latin America by means of projects promoted by Spanish NGOs in collaboration with local partners in the recipient countries.

Priority will be given to support programmes that guarantee sustainability and have a low degree of assistance.

Who's it for

The following organisations can submit applications to the call:

  • Non-profit organisations.

  • Social economy organisations whose by-laws explicitly state, among their purposes, the promotion of international development cooperation.

Public authorities are excluded from this call.

Where are we

The projects to be carried out may be implemented, as a priority, in countries with a low or medium Inequality-adjusted Human Development (IDHAD) index, with significant rates of poverty, in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

More information

More detailed information on the International Cooperation Social Project Call.