The best job: helping others to find one.

Work is one of the most important factors in people feeling they form a part of society. At ”la Caixa” Foundation, through the Incorpora programme, we support the most vulnerable people and those with the greatest difficulties in finding employment, as well as helping to foster a more committed society and socially responsible companies.

  • Incorpora

    Through the social organisations of the Incorpora network, we support people with disabilities and those at risk of marginalisation to find a job, adjusting their professional skills to the jobs offered by companies.

  • Incorpora Joven

    We work with young people in situations of social vulnerability, with particular attention to young people coming from the child protection system.

  • Reincorpora

    We offer individualised itineraries to people who’ve been in prison, so they can re-enter society. Through the programme, we offer inmates coming towards the end of their sentence the chance to build a better future for themselves.

  • Incorpora Mental Health

    Our goal is to improve the employment possibilities and job continuity of people with mental health problems, with the aim of promoting their integration and helping to create an inclusive company model.

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