Participation as an Instrument for Outreach.

Our musical activities approach this artform in the broadest way possible: we explain the story behind the music, we bring it closer to little ones, and we ensure that we always have a complete and varied range of concerts, from classical to electronica, including jazz and world music.

In the 1990s, we introduced The Participatory Messiah, the first of a series of concerts (from choral symphonies to Broadway musicals) in which amateur singers take part alongside prestigious professionals.

During the lockdown in the spring of 2020, since it was impossible to put on participatory concerts in person, we shifted to digital space and created videos based on recordings that the singers made at home. This is the #YoCanto project, which led to in-person meet-ups in different cities in Spain and video recordings. We also recorded symphonies in an educational manner with a lot of explanations.

The Symphony project involves a journey through music and emotions, with the aim of bringing classical music closer to all audiences. Using real images, CGI with special effects on a large screen and immersive music, spectators end up feeling like they are a musician playing in a concert.

visitors for Symphony (from the beginning)

participating singers (from the beginning)

audience members for the participatory concerts (from the beginning)