What we do

Through the ProFuturo digital education programme, in collaboration with the Telefónica Foundation, we strive to reduce the education gap around the world by promoting good quality digital education among children from vulnerable backgrounds in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Our goal is that these children can choose the future they deserve regardless of their place of birth or socio-economic background. Our challenge is to improve the education of more than 30 million children by 2025.

How we do it

Through an educational proposal designed to develop 21st century skills. To this end, a platform has been developed with universal content and customisable digital resources that allows local and third-party resources to be incorporated in order to adapt better to the local learning context.

In addition, at ProFuturo we also resolve the problem of lack of connectivity by mostly working offline, ensuring everyone has access.

Core areas of action

  • Teacher training in pedagogical and digital skills.

  • Pedagogical guidance and continuous technical support for teachers and schools.

  • A learning platform with digital resources and innovative classroom experiences, as well as providing technological equipment in those cases where this is required. ProFuturo's digital solution adapts to all environments, irrespective of their degree of connectivity.

  • System to monitor and evaluate the results.

  • Promoting a community that shares knowledge and good practices among teachers from all over the world so they can jointly respond to new challenges.

4.2 M
children direct beneficiaries since 2016

countries participating in 2023

schools in 2023