At ”la Caixa” Foundation we offer fellowship holders a comprehensive programme of support throughout their university studies.

Economic allowances

  • Monthly allowance of €600 to be received during the 10 months of the academic year.

  • Initial one-off payment of €600 to purchase computer equipment and materials.

  • Enrolment fees at the public university or public higher education centre in which the fellow has been admitted (only when this concept remains uncovered by the public general fellowship).

International stay

The fellowship includes additional support to carry out an international stay including:

  • Additional monthly allowance of €400.

  • One-off payment of €400 for travel and installation costs.

Language courses

The fellowships includes English language courses for all the years of the degree and an official accreditation exam.

Programmes of academic counselling and training

The fellowship includes two programmes aimed at providing the fellows with the necessary tools to maximize their academic performance and enhance key competencies and skills for their academic and professional career:

  • A programme on personalized academic counselling in which the fellows will be guided by an academic counselor throughout their fellowship.

  • A transversal skills training programme tailored to the fellow's needs throughout the different stages of their academic career.

Additional activities

The students will be part of the ”la Caixa” Foundation Fellows, a world-renowned network of academic and professional talent.

The fellows will be able to participate in the activities that are organized to foster the encounters and encourage exchanges between members of this group. These meetings are the best opportunity to establish contacts and create new connections with people who have been trained in all kinds of disciplines at the best universities and research centres in the world thanks to fellowships from the ”la Caixa” Foundation.