At ”la Caixa” Foundation we offer fellowship holders a comprehensive programme of support throughout their university studies.

Financial aid

  • Tuition fees at the public university or public institution of higher education to which the fellowship holder has been admitted (only when this is not covered by a general grant provided by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training or the Basque government).

  • Fellowship salary of €600 per month to be received during the 10 months of the academic year.

  • Single initial payment of €600 for the costs of acquiring computing equipment and other material.

International stay

The fellowship includes an additional grant for one international stay during which the fellowship holder will receive the following:

  • Additional payment of €400 per month.

  • Single payment of €400 for travel and settlement costs.

Language courses

The fellowship includes an English course during all the years of the degree and an officially recognised exam.

Programme of guidance and training

The fellowship includes a programme of guidance and training in multidimensional skills, with the aim of providing fellowship holders with the necessary tools to achieve excellent academic results.

Complementary activities

The students will form part of our ”la Caixa” Foundation Fellows group, a world-renowned network of academic and professional talent.

Fellowship holders will be able to take part in the activities organised to promote meetings and exchanges among the members of this group. These meetings are the best opportunity to establish contacts and create new links with people who've been trained in all kinds of disciplines at the best universities and research centres in the world thanks to a fellowship from ”la Caixa Foundation.