Promoting educational transformation together with teachers.

EduCaixa is ”la Caixa” Foundation’s programme dedicated to improving the learning opportunities of children and young people of school age and thereby their opportunities for personal development in our 21st-century society

Over the years, EduCaixa has been empowering, supporting and training teachers as agents of change, particularly focusing on management teams given the important role they play in improving the educational quality of schools.

These are the core aspects of our work:

  1. We focus on developing pupils’ skills.

    • Especially through programmes such as EduCaixa Challenge: a great experience of shared learning and a programme which, in just three years, has gained a solid reputation among the educational community.

    • We also promote learning outside school through activities at our CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa centres and travelling facilities.

  2. We recognise teachers as agents of change

    • That’s why all our programmes for pupils are based on the training and constant support of teachers.

    • We also offer training and professional development programmes, run in partnership with the University of Cambridge and Harvard University (USA), University College London and the Education Endowment Foundation (UK) and British Columbia University (Canada).

  3. We promote a culture of evaluation and the use of pedagogical evidence

    • We train and support schools so they can produce pedagogical evidence by rigorously evaluating their educational projects.

    • We guide teachers in the use of evidence to help them make informed decisions.

    • We disseminate international educational evidence together with partners such as the Education Endowment Foundation, the Institute for Effective Education and the Johns Hopkins University.

Educational programmes

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