The science that drives progress. The research that helps us to advance.

Through the CaixaResearch programme, we’ve established an extensive network of collaborators with the major research centres that carry out high quality scientific research with a great impact on society and potential to transform.

Our aims:

  • Accelerate advances in scientific research in the areas of life and health sciences.

  • Pass on the results of scientific research and innovation to the whole of society.

  • Foster the talent of the most relevant researchers in the area of health and biomedicine.

We support cutting-edge research excellence, and we do so by prioritising health research projects and by focusing on the most widespread diseases in the world with a higher mortality and morbidity rate.

In addition, we support other basic and cutting-edge biomedical research projects. The projects are selected via competitive public calls for proposals, chosen by international evaluators.

Areas of action

Infectious diseases

We support the fight against COVID-19, AIDS, malaria and other infectious diseases that are a major cause of death in low-income countries.


We promote research and innovation projects to combat cancer, the second cause of death in the world, with the aim of finding treatments that offer better therapeutic options.


We foster progress in diagnosing Alzheimer’s and other neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. Over 1 billion people suffer from neurological and mental disorders.

Cardiovascular disease

We collaborate with highly prestigious research bodies to produce new and better treatments for heart disease, the number one cause of death in the world.

Calls for biomedical research

Health research

Call for research projects in biomedicine and health whose mission is to identify and promote the most promising initiatives with the greatest scientific excellence and the biggest potential value and social impact, whether in basic, clinical or translational research.

Research into new urban challenges

Call promoted by Barcelona City Council and ”la Caixa” Foundation as part of the Barcelona Science 2020-2023 Plan to promote research projects that focus on tackling the most pressing urban challenges: ageing and quality of life, mobility and protecting the environment.