25 years joining forces, transforming lives.

As part of its social commitment, ”la Caixa” Foundation has been collaborating with international cooperation programmes for the last 25 years, joining forces to change lives.

Our aim is to create opportunities and combat the inequalities of the most vulnerable people in African, Asian and Latin American countries by promoting programmes that help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Key areas of action:

  1. Alliances

    We work together with major international organisations and foundations to help generate greater impact and sustainability.

  2. Innovation

    We promote programmes that are in line with the main trends in development aid to foster innovation, digitalisation and the inclusion of new technologies.

  3. Raising awareness and funds

    We foster the inclusion of new philanthropic partners in cooperation programmes.

  4. Transparency

    We encourage monitoring, evaluation and accountability in all the projects.

25 lessons and challenges to keep on changing lives
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All the lessons learned, in eBook format

We've compiled the 25 lessons learned and challenges to be faced in the field of international cooperation in an exclusive eBook. With content co-created by partners, collaborators and the personal experiences of those who've accompanied us over the years.