We promote biomedical innovation.

At ”la Caixa” Foundation we strive to ensure the results of research and innovation in health have the greatest possible social impact and are translated into solutions capable of contributing to improving people’s health.

In 2015 we created CaixaResearch Validate (formerly CaixaImpulse) together with Caixa Capital Risc. Through this call for proposals, we promote the transfer of the results of biomedical research to society and the market by creating new solutions, treatments, products and spin-offs. We do this by providing financial support to develop translational projects, as well as offering training, mentoring and networking with experts and investors.

Calls for innovation

We promote innovation, the transfer of knowledge and technology to society and the creation of new research-based companies.

  1. CaixaResearch Validate

    Call that supports projects in their early stages that need to validate their transfer potential.

  2. CaixaResearch Consolidate

    Call that supports projects at a more mature stage of development which are more likely to attract private investment.

  3. CaixaResearch COVID-19

    Special call to support clinical proposals that include cutting-edge technology in projects focused on preventing, treating, monitoring and diagnosing COVID-19.